Mediation is a process that assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of a trained mediator, without going to court.

Mediation generally takes much less time and money than litigation, and unlike a court hearing, mediation offers privacy to both parties. Resolution is not about winning or losing; it is about creating solutions that work for everyone involved. You and your spouse know what is best for you (and your children), and mediation offers you more control over your future – rather than being told by a judge how to divide your assets, or how to co-parent your children. During the mediation process you will also learn how to better communicate with your spouse and your children so that future conflicts can be minimized, thereby giving fragile relationships a chance to improve over time.

Mediation works best if you and your spouse can speak for yourselves without the presence of a lawyer, and you are both focused on resolving your differences.

The trained mediators at McGaughey & Spirito are effective communicators who can serve as a neutral third party and facilitate the negotiations between you and your spouse, even if your divorce involves complex financial and children’s issues. Our mediators will foster a safe environment for you and your spouse to express yourselves and resolve your issues. At the end of the mediation, we will provide you and your spouse with a document that you can take to your own attorneys for a second opinion.

Please contact us at (310) 465-1000 and let one of our highly experienced mediators help you determine if and how mediation will work for you.